Disabled people must be front and centre on TV – representation matters | Frances Ryan


There must be a radical shift in the way people with disabilities, such as journalism student Kyle Gunn, are treated, on and off the screenYou may have seen one story of disability discrimination in the news this week: 19-year-old Kyle Gunn, who has cerebral palsy, was told he would fail a journalism course because his disability prevents him from writing shorthand. This is clearly appalling, and the outcry that developed means the course is going to be reviewed. But as Wednesday’s report into the lack of diversity in British broadcasting shows, Gunn’s exclusion as a future disabled journalist is part of a much bigger problem in this country. Related: Disabled student told he will fail course because he cannot write shorthand Journalism course review after backlash over disabled student. @BBCScotlandNews https://t.co/QhmTJwZmOH Related: Disabled people and over-50s most under-represented in broadcasting Continue reading…

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