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Fashion For Her

Fashion news and shows, tutorials on makeup, hair, and nails, as well as color & style guides, and a fashion collection for her including sales.

Beyond A Disability

In this department for and by people with a disability you will find things like career information, policy, dance, comedy, and news.


Recipes, poetry, artwork, dance, music you will find it in “Potpourri”. A mix of articles on a broad range of topics that I’ve found across the world.

Monthly Spotlight: February

"Amos Winter: The cheap all-terrain wheelchair"

The article of the month.


The song of the month.


The fashion of the month.

Featured Articles

ASICS including people with a disability in ad campaign

In one of their latest ad campaigns ASICS, a world known sports equipment company, has included athletes with a handicap.

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How to Feel Confident and Pretty When You’re Feeling Insecure and Ugly. Loving Yourself.

Different ways that can help cope with the pressure of “pretty” for example tips and videos.

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Fashion Museum Destinations Around the World

Looking for a fashion museum to visit on your next travels? This is a by no means exhaustive listing of fashion museums and their websites by country in alphabetical order.

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