August’s Post of The Month

cropped-279841401.jpg My Honest Experience With Lip Injections | Lauren Curtis ~ Hey guys! As most of you know I recently had my lips done to add a bit of fullness and it didn’t turn out as I had planned. I decided to vlog my experience in an attempt to encourage young and impressionable girls to think twice before making changes to their face and/or body, as I feel this procedure is a bit glamourised on social media.

New in Beyond a Disability

cropped-279841401.jpgVIDEO: Why it’s not a shame that I’m disabled ~ A list of reasons why I don’t agree when (well-meaning) people tell me it’s a shame I’m disabled.

New in Fashion & Styling

New in Fashion

Her Style ~ Summer & Autumn Women’s Fashion 2016 ~ Week 33 ~ Women’s summer & autumn fashion from selected labels and available this season.

New in Styling

New in The Reading Corner

fi_s_scn0101-150x112Writing Tip: an Easy Way to Correctly Capitalize Headings and Titles Automatically ~ Do you like to write, but like me, struggle at times with the English grammar rules when publishing articles? Then the following tip how to automatically use accepted rules for upper or lower case for titles and headings might be handy for you.

New in Gallery

A post with posters of lighthouses.Spring Flowers ~ A photograph of flowers blossoming in spring.