Institutions deprive many disabled and older people of rights, yet supported living is more cost effective. Why aren’t local authorities acting on the evidence?The right to live in one’s own home, secure in the knowledge that you can stay there as long as you pay the rent or mortgage and comply with a few other basic requirements, is a cornerstone of our culture. It is something most people take for granted.Imagine, though, a situation where someone had the power to force you to move – even though you’ve been paying your dues and abiding by all the other unofficial rules – simply because they wanted someone else to live there who would be an easier customer. Or what if that person could decide who came in and out of your front door, or who you could and could not have to stay overnight? Related: Clock turned back on rights for people with a learning disability There is clear evidence that large institutional services provide poorer outcomes and end up costing more overall Related: What makes a care home outstanding? Continue reading…

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