The senator’s speech comes down to this: she does not want disabled children to be treated equally – or to be allowed to feel good about themselvesWhen I first saw Senator Pauline Hanson’s comments on the education of disabled children, my initial reaction was contempt. It’s a common response to most anything Hanson says and when it is related to children with a disability, as a parent of such a child, my reaction is even more swift.But perhaps we should be kind and offer her more generosity than she ever gives anyone who doesn’t fit her picture of what Australians should be. Maybe we should suggest that Hanson was not intending to be hurtful towards children with a disability or autism. Related: Experts condemn Pauline Hanson’s comments about children with autism Related: I no longer see my daughter’s Down syndrome, I only see a beautiful girl called Emma | Greg Jericho Continue reading…

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