Women The Real Losers of The U.S Elections? United We Stand, Divided We Fall

“I am paying for this microphone, Mr. Green”
~ Ronald Reagan

In the hopes the reader will speak out and condemn the behavior of the U.S. (President Elect), referring to, but not limited too, the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women of the United Nations.

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First off, Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan. That whole premise is ridiculous, to see Trump as “The Great Communicator” for example is a joke. The man can hardly twitter, or go a day without turning on what he said, a bad quality for a politician and leader. Some say he cannot read (which could explain his compensating bullying behavior). In seeking absolute power, Donald Trump, has in fact become powerless. He’s upset too many groups, resembling Julius Caesar. Alea iacta est (“The die is cast”).

Something that has bothered me, from day one, a number of people have attacked Trump on his looks, that is inexcusable. We discuss the issues, not the color of a person’s skin for example. Is Trump right on some things? Yes, he has voiced some good ideas, credit where credit is due. It is a shame that some democrats, such as Clinton, during the election process did not show a more constructive attitude, the same goes for some Republicans. There are signs since the election that some have become more constructive. For example the need for jobs. However, there are many people who feel this across the spectrum. This mocking can actually egg him on, feeling the need to prove himself. And, while he may agree or not, it is this indecisiveness and constant changing of mind, that has people misusing him for their own purposes. Is this simply a case of what goes around comes around? Is this where the United States should be?

Actually Trump is in some ways quite tragic, and has been mocked by a lot of people, since considering to run for president. Unfortunately instead of rising above that, he does the same and worse. A King Kong if you will, figuratively, and literally his image, at the top of the Empire State Building. This may work in the commercial sector, where people are afraid to lose their jobs if they say no to him, but that is different from being the president of a country. Although he might employ this fear, to have people do his bidding, and use whatever methods necessary from flattery to intimidation to achieve it. There is a change his mental state will deteriorate further, and he will become more paranoia, more afraid of germs, and see ghosts at every corner. It is not unlikely that the man could suffer a heart attack or seizure, from the stress, and everything that is going on. That it is simply too much. So, instead of enjoying retirement, like any reasonable person would do, he seeks more power. The people would want him to get some rest, not be so sick that he makes mistakes for himself, his family, the country, and the world. It is hard to learn an old dog new tricks, some say. Please note that Trump is not representative of all men, thankfully. We all make mistakes, from which we can learn, but his behavior is repeated and possible part of his personality, he has shown no regret, it will possibly never get better, and given the amount of lies, the trust is gone.

Where Hillary Clinton resembles Lance Armstrong and Napoleon. Remember, a lot of people voted against the other candidate. So, while some politicians may brag about how they have won, have they? No matter who would have won, Democrat or Republican, women and their rights are the real losers of this years election?

These are part of a country’s growing pains. America is getting older, in transition, leaving behind the Industrial Age and moving towards the Information/ Environmental Age, and while doing so it is our responsibility that transition goes as smooth as possible. It is that fear, basic human instinct of survival that is fueling this situation quite a bit. We need to look at the bigger picture.

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
~ John F. Kennedy

The Independence Hall in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed

A Phyrric victory for Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump is the Mr. Jeltsin of America. What happened to voting your conscience Mr. Speaker of the House? Maybe some of these men should sleep on the couch until they see sense. Do I speak Spanish? “Read my lips”, period.

What message sends this to our children? That it is o.k. for grown men to walk into the dressing room of (underage) ladies, time and time again, to sneak peeks? That it is o.k. for grown men to grab (underage) women by their private parts without permission? Men, and women rightly so, have stepped down or gone to jail for less. According to Mr. Trump he could kill someone one Fifth Avenue, and get away with it if it were up to his supporters, the same goes for rape? Unacceptable. Mr. Trump, and his supporters, are not above United States law. But this rich white guy? Is the Messiah and savior of America? More like a false prophet. What Mr. Trump proposes is anarchy? A nation, and it’s people cannot survive and thrive, in anarchy. History is full of examples, perhaps it is time to improve the education system in the United States, because some people are repeating the same mistakes of history, and if you can’t learn in a certain area, which can happen to the best of us, then someone you can trust should help explain it to you in ways you can understand, so that it it helps you and those around you. That is team work, ladies and gentlemen.

When Trump is president, he will be able to pardon himself, and walk away with billions, while some people kiss his behind, empowering and validating his behavior. At what cost? How is that for class justice?

Shall we just burn the Bill of Rights? Wipe our behind with the Constitution? No, of course not. Many Americans, of all colors and sexes, have worked and died for freedom and universal values across the world, so that this draft dodger can continue to lie over the backs of hard working people? Fight the establishment for the common man? How, by choosing a bunch of rich old white men? We may be dumb, but we are not stupid.

Vietnam Memorial, Washington D.C.

The Clinton’s and Trump’s have been friends for years. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bill and Donald went picking up women together, and will continue to do so. Something about birds of a feather. To err is human, to forgive divine.But this was like choosing between horse manure and cow manure, and at the end of the road the whole thing still stinks like manure, which the people get to pay for and clean up. It’s like gym class all over. Well, you know what America, you dropped the ball on this one. Now, please go fix it. Just goes to show, if you want something cleaned right, then you need a woman, not a man.

So for the next four years: grab them by the balls, figuratively speaking. Let them know that we want equal rights, equal pay, and equal opportunity. That no means no. If needs be we will boycott Trump products, impeach the president, and have new elections. Where impeachment may be the recommended procedure if the person does not step down in this case. Elections where all those running and qualify have a fair and equal change at debate, and participating in elections, not just dictated by commissions run by Democrats and Republicans for example. If you demonstrate please do so peacefully.


“I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.
~ Hellen Keller