Why I dislike e-mail, sms, and WhatsApp stuff

So, I’ve decided to pretty much ban e-mail etc. out of my life. I’m sure it has some positive uses. By all means use it for that.

The reason? Too much confusion, too many misunderstandings, too many lost and damaged friendships (that really hurt), and general too much sadness.

Tired of hundreds of messages in my inbox. Tired of getting mails that turn my whole day upside down. That have me spent hours trying to figure out what was meant.
Tired of having to wait until whenever to talk about the situation.

Tired of you jamming e-mail, etc. down my throat because you’re addicted, and it’s the only way you still communicate. I’m sure you have valid reasons, but I’m done with it.

I’ll be the loser, again.

Today is the first step.

Call me. Let’s go do something. It’s life. I already spent way too much behind the screen as is.

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