May’s Post of The Month

cropped-279841401.jpg ‘First Model in Wheelchair at New York Fashion Week Has Message for Fashion Industry’ ~ The first woman to ever ‘walk’ the runway at New York Fashion Week in a wheelchair says she plans to open the door that’s “tightly closed shut” and appeal to high-end fashion lines to use persons with disabilities as models.

New in Beyond a Disability

cropped-279841401.jpg Five Tips For Stuttering Your Way Through Presentations ~ “People who stutter email and message me all the time on Facebook and ask me how I can get up in front of people and talk and if I have any tips. I thought I would offer some suggestions that would help my stuttering brothers and sisters, but might also help a broader audience.”

New in Fashion

Her Style ~ Spring & Summer Women’s Fashion 2015 ~ Week 21 ~ A selection of women’s fashion for week 21 for the spring/ summer season 2015.

New in The Reading Corner

fi_s_scn0101-150x112Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi ~ “I was feeling ambitious today and realized that these are actually easy to make. They’re gluten-free, vegan, and very delicious too, so I’m quite pleased.”

New in the Gallery

fi_s_autumn_flowers_2013_9-150x112Pink Blossom ~ A photo of pink flowers blossoming.