September’s Post of The Month

22763797.jpg ‘First Model in Wheelchair at New York Fashion Week Has Message for Fashion Industry’ - "The first woman to ever ‘walk’ the runway at New York Fashion Week in a wheelchair says she plans to open the door that’s “tightly closed shut” and appeal to high-end fashion lines to use persons with disabilities as models."

New in Beyond a Disability

autumn_flowers_2013_6 Never Stop Reaching - Originally posted on The Writer's Chest:
by Mary Knuckles As a little girl in class I didn’t know why the kids pointed their fingers at me and laughed. I mean, I looked the same as everybody else, except they — the principal and the therapist who had come into my classroom — said I…
Outfit for a Woman #2 ~ Fall & Winter 2014/ 2015 Women’s Fashion-This outfit is put together from a selection of the available clothes and accessories this season. The selection is a part of the Fashion Selection Women Fall & Winter 2014/ 2015.

New in The Reading Corner

A blagger’s guide to stained glass - Originally posted on Stained Glass Attitudes:
What is a church without stained glass windows? They’re such a ubiquitous feature that a lot of people can take them for granted and coo “ooh, isn’t it all beautiful”. But not all stained glass is created equal. Some of it is stunningly beautiful, and some is… not. Here’s…
autumn_flowers_2013_9 Autumn Flowers Blooming -

A collection of flowers that bloom in the autumn.