November’s Post of The Month

Ten tips for finding a job through an agency ~ Whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time job, changes are at some point in your life an agency can help you get there. Whether you are thinking of a switch or starting your career, an agency can be a great way to find a short- or long-term job. Here are ten ways that can help you succeed at finding a job through an employment or recruitment agency.

New in Beyond a Disability

cropped-279841401.jpg ‘A word game to communicate in any language’ ~ ‘While working with kids who have trouble speaking, Ajit Narayanan sketched out a way to think about language in pictures, to relate words and concepts in “maps.” The idea now powers an app that helps nonverbal people communicate, and the big idea behind it, a language concept called FreeSpeech, has exciting potential.’

New in Fashion

Accessories ~ Men’s Fashion Fall & Winter 2014/ 2015 ~ On this page you will find featured accessories from selected labels put together from a selection of available clothes this season.

New in The Reading Corner

fi_s_scn0101-150x112“The Arles Museum of Antiquity” ~ The Arles Museum of Antiquity (also called Musee de l’Arles et de la Provence antique) features ancient artifacts discovered in the local area, some from as early as the stone age but most are from the Roman era.

New in the Gallery

fi_s_autumn_flowers_2013_9-150x112Autumn Flowers Blooming ~

A collection of flowers that bloom in the autumn.