21 Ways to Style Your Net Bag, the Affordable Instagram Trend It Girls and Influencers Can’t Get Enough Of


It’s probably floated across your feed: an artfully composed image of a net bag, an international edition of Vogue or Porter slipped inside along with a trifecta of citrus fruits—lemons, limes, and especially oranges. Some girls have gotten even more inventive, stashing a bunch of carrots or even a medley of tomatoes and green peppers inside; the more advanced moves see style bloggers color-coordinating their nets to their fruits. It’s caught on among style bloggers, editors, and models like Doina Ciobanu, and unlike many a trend that takes root among It girls and influencers, it’s surprisingly affordable: The Line offers a particularly neutral shade for just $18. See how Instagrammers are making their net bags—and their produce—their own on Instagram with these 21 different ways to style net bags.

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