Employers can’t foot £400m care worker back pay bill. Government must act – fast | Derek Lewis


Time is running out to tackle the crisis over pay for sleep-in shifts, which will cause problems for providers, their staff and the people who rely on careDerek Lewis is chairman of the Royal Mencap SocietyAfter months of unsuccessful efforts to get the government to take the issue of sleep-in shifts seriously, last week Mencap began a public campaign to try to avert a looming crisis in the learning disability sector, and prevent Southern Cross type failures on a multiple scale across the country.Wednesday saw an acknowledgment from government on the scale of the problem, but did not tackle the mayhem its failure to address the problems funding the £400m sleep-in support back payment bill will have on the sector, or the 178,000 people with a learning disability who rely on this care, not to mention the dedicated care workers who provide it. Related: Minimum wage ruling creates uncertainty over care worker pay | Deborah Hely Related: Wage inspectors accused of ‘outrageous inconsistency’ over care worker pay Continue reading…

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