The days of a baked-in tan signifying a healthy look are long gone. We are all well aware of how important it is to protect our skin from the sun’s harmful rays, and this summer, the classic straw hat has become the breakout must-have for shielding your face. Unlike the floppy wide-brim straw hats of yore, the fashion pack has been embracing the new generation of straw hats that feature more structured shapes. For those taking more adventurous summer vacations, the classic L.L. Bean outdoor research run hat is a chic throw-back that also offers built-in UPF 50+ protection. For those who are more into making a statement over having an active adventure, there are plenty of hat options to choose from at Gucci. We especially loved the it raspberry-hued printed turban—for day, layer it under a straw hat, and for evening, add some jewelry and head off to the beach bar for cocktail hour.

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