Andrea Bennett sent her son to school with a cake to celebrate his 18th birthday and his life: his struggles and victories, the fears beaten and obstacles overcome. But it didn’t quite go to planI gave the cake to the taxi escort when she came to collect him for school. I know he’s a big boy – 18 already, I can hardly believe it – but he’s difficult to buy for, and it’s what he likes. I’d written in the home-school book that the cake would be coming in with him. The teacher had replied yes, that’s fine. He likes cake, and she said the other five boys in his class like cake too, so I thought: they can have birthday cake. They love it. I didn’t get one with the Tweenies or a caterpillar or anything like that. It was an age-appropriate cake, for someone who is 18. Sort of.So, I gave her the care of my son and the cake at the door, and told her it was his 18th birthday.She’d forgotten about the cake. The escort, that is. But she’d said nothing at the door Continue reading…

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