What would a modern woman wear if she were to become the ultimate secret agent, 007? Certainly not a barely-there dress or slick leather catsuit, as some Bond girls are known for wearing. If Charlize Theron happened to become Bond, as she so rightly deserves to, her closet would be filled with edgy suits, tough coats, killer evening looks, and, let’s all be honest here, some very practical shoes. Thankfully, many designers pondered the theme of female strength and the future of women in their fall collections, offering us—and Theron’s Bond—numerous fashion-forward looks that women want to wear. No dainty dresses here; Bond would opt for Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Céline, and of course, lots of Dior. It’s safe to say that she would probably be the chicest secret agent MI6 has ever seen. Check out the ten most tough-girl looks from the fall collections, here.

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