Actress, model, and author, Olivia Munn has shown some pretty notable red carpet and street style looks throughout the years, as she takes to the red carpet to promote films such as X-Men: Apocalypse, Magic Mike and Zoolander 2. She has also played leading roles on The Daily Show and The Newsroom, along with publishing a comedic memoir, “Suck it ,Wonder Woman: The Misadventure of a Hollywood Geek” in 2010. Additionally, Munn has appeared on Maxim’s Hot 100 Women list an impressive six times to date and has starred in a variety of modeling and editorial campaigns. And just like her resume, her wardrobe features a little bit of everything, including statement-making colorful gowns, feminine lace and florals, and a heathy dose of naked dresses. Munn’s street style appearances somehow always seem to look almost as glamorous as her red carpet looks, almost always opting to wear heels and thigh-high boots even when pounding the pavement. In honor of her birthday, here is a look back at some of her most memorable red carpet looks.

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