More than a renowned, award-winning singer, Celine Dion is also a modern fashion icon; after all, who can forget that backless white suit and matching fedora? Thanks to her vivacious career, Dion has landed herself on red carpet events since the ‘80s and has had more than a few looks that are still referenced in fashion circles today. Few embody what it means to be a star quite like Dion, who makes a statement not only with the raw emotion in her music, but with every fashion choice she makes. Starting off in Canada, her signature quickly became a sparkle and shine, wowing crowds with less than subtle low necklines and thigh-high slits in her skirt. Even when opting gowns with less obvious shine, Dion always makes sure to add an over the top flair to any ensemble. Last summer, Dion had a style renaissance while attending Paris Couture Week, appearing front row at countless shows in chic after chic outfit, thanks to new stylist Law Roach, and she hasn’t slowed down since. Here, a take a look back at Celine Dion’s best fashion moments over the decades.

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