They waited years for services for their disabled children. They’re the patients who need basic support. What happens if even more money is removed from the system?With a green mohawk, colored to match his wrist wraps and the lettering on his team’s shirts, Andrew ‘Big Diesel’ Dziezak steps up to the deadlift bar bearing a weight of 385 lbs. His parents sit in the audience surrounded by 15 team-mates and half a dozen coaches, expectant. This is Big Diesel’s first of three deadlifts of the day.The sides of his head have been shaved into two symbols: on the left a puzzle piece, a common icon for autism awareness, the condition for which Big Diesel was diagnosed. On the other, a barbell bearing the weight ‘400’, his gold-winning personal best from the previous year’s state championship for Indiana’s Special Olympics.The Healthcare Act will be a disaster for people with disabilities. It will have a devastating impact on their lives Continue reading…

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