It was a ‘life and death’ election for those targeted by government cuts, and they voted to fight against hunger, isolation and worsening mental healthThe phrase “too little, too late” comes to mind: this weekend, the head of the prime minister’s policy board, George Freeman, admitted it had been “lethal” for the Tories to run a campaign that ignored the country’s growing disillusionment with government cuts. For all of us who have fought cut after cut, there have been few greater sights than Theresa May’s election failure becoming – as my colleague Larry Elliott put it – “the final nail in austerity’s coffin”. But what feels particularly powerful is that it appears that the sections of society who have been austerity’s chief targets were the ones who helped end it. Related: What made the difference for Labour? Ordinary people knocking on doors | Emma Rees There’s no remorse for the damage Tory policies have caused Continue reading…

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