The most recent refusal, by an Uber driver in Hertfordshire, crushed me. It’s illegal for drivers to do this, so why isn’t it enforced?It’s happened to me 30 times or more in 18 years of working with a guide dog – but no words can describe just how crushed and assaulted I felt this week when an Uber driver refused to carry me with my guide dog in Hertfordshire.The law in England and Wales is completely clear. It is a criminal offence for the driver of any private hire or hackney carriage vehicle to refuse to carry a disabled passenger because they are accompanied by an assistance dog. It’s covered in the Equality Act 2010. Drivers with allergies can apply for an exemption on medical grounds. Similar provisions apply in Scotland, although prosecutions can only be made for licence breaches. It’s sad that such laws are even needed.Of 162 allegations of refusals to carry a guide or assistance dog, only 17 drivers were prosecuted Related: Life as a guide dog puppy trainer: ‘It can be tough to let them go’ Continue reading…

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