The Greens make the progressive case on funding, but no one else offers a radical vision of a system fit for the twenty-first centurySocial care has become a bigger issue in this election than many political pundits could ever have expected, judging by the attention now being paid to the different party manifesto commitments. Yet their focus on funding, however important, obscures the day-to-day realities that make good social care so vital. We have become so preoccupied with money that we are losing sight of the complex issues that create the need for policy in the first place. Most important of all, the need for a fundamental reappraisal of attitudes and services is falling off the agenda. This is the key point to keep in mind if we are truly committed to developing proposals for a sustainable, integrated health and social care system. Related: What do the election manifestos say about social care? | Melanie Henwood S​ocial care is still disproportionately reliant on institutionalisation and twentieth-​​century​ thinking Related: Theresa May’s U-turn is a chance to rethink social care | David Brindle Continue reading…

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