Parties’ science policies | Tactical voting | Election and disabilities | A Whiter Shade of PaleScience and technology are a clear casualty of this futurephobic election campaign (Editorial, 22 May). The Conservative manifesto uses the word science just seven times and has the feeble target of 10 years to reach the OECD average investment in R&D (2.4% of GDP). Labour manages four references, refers to a science innovation fund and sets a target of 3% of GDP on R&D – but not until 2030. Governments with confidence in the future would have science-based innovation at the top of their manifesto commitments. They would be creating employment and dealing with the environment, climate change, clean energy, infectious disease and safe access to large data sets.Professor David BaulcombeTrinity College, Cambridge• Unlike Eric Skyte (Letters, 18 May), I did not receive a letter from Mrs May. I have, however, received a compelling missive from our local Mole Valley Lib Dems, who took 39.7% of the vote this month against the Conservatives’ 48.1%. Don’t choke on your Cornflakes Eric but if we both voted Lib Dem, they might unseat the Conservatives.Barbara PattersonLeatherhead, Surrey Continue reading…

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