The millions of us who are disabled should look at what the parties are saying and their track records – and use our power to vote for changeThe squabbles about Labour’s leaked manifesto may run and run, but as a hardened observer of the democratic process I’m at least pleased to find on Labour’s homepage a link that says “Disability Access”. And I’m told that the actual manifesto will be available in accessible formats. This is a start for the disabled voter.Yes, I am blatantly partisan, but the leaked manifesto reassures me. I do believe we need to transform our society and to break down establishment politics fed by the greedy excesses of capitalism. I know that disabled people within my networks and beyond are fed up with the current system. I trust that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn believes in inclusion and equality, and the draft version of the manifesto is promising, with pledges of more funds for social care, reviews of the universal credit cuts and commitment to build more social housing; the Mirror claims the draft shows the 2012 Health and Social Care Act will be repealed. Related: Disabled people matter – let’s make our votes count | Frances Ryan Continue reading…

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