Despite the Tories’ ongoing brutal assault on disabled people’s living standards, there’s been no attempt to get voters with disabilities engaged in politicsListen to Theresa May parrot “strong and stable” ad infinitum and it would be easy to think this general election was about nothing but Brexit negotiations. But with A&E wards at risk of closure, food bank use rocketing and local council services crumbling, politicians may want to spare some thought elsewhere. I’d suggest Britain’s disabled population and the assault on our living standards, rights and safety.From the bedroom tax to the rollout of “fit-for-work” tests, the onslaught of hardship in recent years has been sudden and brutal: almost one in five disabled people are now so poor they struggle to pay for food; one in six wore a coat indoors because they couldn’t afford to pay their heating bills in 2016 ; and the number of physically disabled people accepted as homeless by councils increased almost 50% between 2010 and 2016. But this is only part of a larger picture of growing disability inequality in this country, where more than 1 million disabled people are without the social care they need, a dearth in accessible homes is forcing some wheelchair users to wash in buckets and kitchen sinks, and mass unemployment and wage gaps fester. Related: In Tory Britain, disabled people are seen as idle | Barbara Ellen Continue reading…

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