When disabled protesters traversed the Andes to lobby for improved benefits, they were met with a police blockade. The Fight, a Guardian documentary, chronicles a battle that led to brutal violence but also sowed the seeds of changeEven in a world grown numb to images of protesters being beaten with truncheons, sprayed with pepper spray and doused by water cannon, there is still something shocking about a video showing the brutal treatment of wheelchair users, amputees and other disability activists by Bolivian riot police.It is not just the shots of paraplegics being tipped on to the pavement or battered with shields, or the scenes of them fighting back with wooden blocks or being winched above roads so they can increase their visibility. Rather, it is the human and political dramas that drive the campaigners to ever bolder deeds and leave the police looking ashamed as they obey orders to use force to keep the demonstration out of Plaza Murillo in La Paz. Related: ‘We are in shock’: historic Bolivia drought hammers homes and crops Continue reading…

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